• Program & Organization Performance Improvement
  • Project Management Support
  • Contract Management & Compliance with Government Requirements
  • Administrative Services

Our Professional Services include :

  • Program & Organization Performance Improvement (Strategic Planning, Process and Management System Improvement, Training)
  • Project Management Support
  • Contract Management & Compliance with Government Requirements
  • Administrative Services including records management, human resources and industrial relations, procurement, and general business and administrative support


Program and Organization Performance Improvement
BEI Organizational Development and Management Professionals bring a depth of experience and proven approaches that have enabled improvement for a diverse range of organizations (federal contractors, nuclear industry, government offices, etc). From Work Control and Conduct of Operations to Readiness and Strategic Planning, our team knows how training, tools, and planning together can help to change behavior and promote a high performing organization that achieves performance objectives.

Strategic Planning and Performance Plans
Developing the roadmap or executable plan for achieving the Business, Program, or Organization Mission and Vision. Planning focused on delivering critical results that build success. Aligning and enabling the team or organization to work together toward success. Sub Project and Organization Development Plans – Resources, capabilities, and tools needed for success. Operational Plans – Plan of Action to deliver specific performance goals.

Performance Tools
Establishing the Behavior and Culture that promote a High Performing Organization. Management System Improvement – Our tools for performing work consistent with requirements reflect the organization’s culture and values and can promote a continual improving organization.

Safety and Quality Improvement Tools
ISMS – Integrated Safety Management System
VPP – Voluntary Protection Program
SCWE – Safety Conscious Work Environment
HPI – Human Performance Improvement

Training to promote Program and Organization Performance
Consultive Communication
Active Listening Training
Problem solving and decision making for a high performing organization
Myers-Briggs Profile

Project Management
From Baseline Development thru Project Controls and Earned Value Management and Reporting, BEI professionals bring a thorough understanding of government requirements and the experience to establish effective plans and management systems. BEI professionals work in a value-added partnership with our clients to provide a plan and execute Projects and Programs that result in client success. We take the time to tailor solutions to your requirements and mission needs.

Contract Management
BEI senior professionals understand government contracts and contract requirements. From Contract Transition through Contract Management, BEI’s value-added partnership with our clients results in compliance, improved performance, and long term success.

Records Management
BEI personnel and corporate capabilities cover all aspects of records and information management services for government clients. BEI has a Facility Clearance, Q-cleared personnel, and the capabilities to manage sensitive and classified records and media. BEI has qualified resources and can provide additional resources and capabilities as needed.

BEI is currently providing records management, electronic document management, mailroom management, and other services for the Department of Energy (DOE) and DOE contractors. We understand the requirements for Records Management and Information Management and have the experience in the design, implementation and administration of systems to meet client needs (including enterprise architecture). Our experience covers applications for all types of records and information management and includes tools for processing electronic data converted from existing databases and scanned documents. BEI corporate leadership and senior advisors have significant expertise in managing security programs for DOE. We understand the DOE requirements for handling and control of Classified, UCNI, and OUO information and our personnel have been accountable for classified matter protection and control for DOE and DOE contractors including Accountable Classified Removable Electronic Media (ACREM) custodianship.


DOE Savannah River Site (SRS):

  • Strategic Program Planning
  • Prime Contract Transition planning and management support
  • Industrial relations/pension support
  • Requirements Management/ Records Management Systems

DOE Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC)

  • Administrative support
  • Contract/Procurement support
  • Human Resources support
  • Records Mgmt./Mail Room

DOE Contractors

  • Project/Program Management
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Records Management


BEI provides unmatched value to our clients in the areas of Professional Services, Engineering and Quality, Safeguards and Security, and Fabrication and Manufacturing.


  • Specialized Fabrication and Assembly
  • Production Prototypes
  • Production Parts and Components
  • Product Design and Development


  • Security Assessment
  • Non Destructive Analysis
  • Program Support


  • Quality Assurance (NQA-1, ISO)
  • Environmental Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Nuclear Safety

Professionnal Services

  • Program & Organization Performance Improvement
  • Project Management Support
  • Contract Management & Compliance with Government Requirements
  • Administrative Services

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